Thursday, August 11, 2011

Telugu Kama Dengudu Kathalu

ALEXA Internet Donates Archive of the World Wide Web To Library of Congress First Large-Scale Digital Donation Ensures Preservation of Digital Cultural Artifacts.Alexa Internet, provider of the free Web navigation service Alexa has donated a copy of the public World Wide Web to the Library of Congress, in the first large-scale contribution of digital materials received by the institution. With this donation, Alexa helps the Library of Congress take a major step toward preservation of the Web. The donation, comprising two terabytes of Web content, is in the form of an interactive digital sculpture containing 44 digital tapes alongside four computer monitors. Titled World Wide Web 1997: 2 Terabytes in 63 Inches, the sculpture, by renowned digital artist Alan Rath, intermittently flashes pages from the 500,000 sites gathered and stored by Alexa Internet. The digital sculpture includes text, images and audio files representing a full "snapshot" of the Web from early 1997.

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